No Shower, No Worries

A few months ago I was a little concerned (and I’ll admit, a little sad) that no one was throwing Shelby a baby shower. I realize that I had one a little over a year ago for Tucker, but since we are now expecting a girl I guess I just figured that someone would offer to plan a shower. As the weeks went by I realized that wasn’t going to happen. Several people asked me when my shower was going to be and I was embarrassed to always answer that Shelby wasn’t having one. Several people told me that wasn’t fair and that the shower is for the baby and if you have 10 kids you should have 10 showers. Others told me it only made sense not to have one if we were having another boy, but since we would need girl stuff I should be having one. Yet, others reassured me that they only had one shower (with their first child and not any showers for subsequent children) so that made me feel better inside. I never meant to sound selfish, I guess I just figured every child has a baby shower. However, over the next few weeks God blessed us more than I could’ve imagined and we have more things for Shelby than I EVER thought we’d have without a shower!

First off, because I’ve been couponing (for a year this October!) I’ve been able to find AWESOME deals on diapers. We’ve been stocking up for the past couple of months now. Tucker has plenty of size 4 diapers and Shelby has plenty of newborn, size 1, and size 2 diapers. We’ve also got a TON of wipes! My mom (aka “Mimi”) has also purchased some diapers and wipes for us so that was a big help as well! God bless her!

Secondly, our daughter is going to be the best dressed girl in South Carolina! Why? I’ll tell you. She has a TON of (very nice and beautiful) clothes! Glenn and I purchased a few outfits on clearance at Target, Wal-Mart, Carters outlet and then we started shopping at consignment shops like Safe Harbor and Miracle Mart for good deals. We found a TON of good deals! We especially enjoyed going to Miracle Mart on Saturdays when ALL the infant clothes (0-24 months) are ALL $0.50 a piece! We really stocked up on clothes from there! My mom and sister also purchased some clothes for Shelby as well (from Goodwill, Carters, Ross, etc.) Then on Sept. 18 my mom purchased over $100 in clothes from our favorite consignment shop, Trunk Treasures! It was half-price day and we took advantage of it! Then, my friend, Stacy (who has a little 6 or 7 month old girl) was SO kind enough to give me SEVERAL boxes of ADORABLE clothes that her little daughter has grown out of (as well as some super cute clothes for Tucker!). Some outfits even still had tags on them! She also gave us shoes, blankets, hair bows, a swaddle me blanket, an adorable pink bouncy seat, and a really nice crib bumper! I’m so thankful to have such a sweet and generous friend! I hope that I can help someone else out someday in the same way that she helped and showed kindness to me! Yet, there is more! Today we got a box in the mail from my husband’s Aunt (who lives in Virginia). She sent us a BOX of clothes (and bibs, socks, hats, and a blanket) for Shelby! What a surprise and huge blessing!!!! Everyone has been so generous to us!

Third is all the little things that I wanted to get for Shelby. You know, like hair bows, hats, socks, and other girly things. I guess I don’t mind using Tucker’s stuff and I know it really doesn’t matter if Shelby uses blue bibs, blankets, and burp cloths, but at the same time I really wanted her to have her own stuff since Tucker has his own stuff. Over the past couple of months we’ve been able to purchase a few things a little at a time as well as find some deals/sales and use some coupons. Also my sweet sister got Shelby some Hello Kitty hair bows, a sippy cup, a bib, and a wash cloth. My mom got Shelby some socks, shoes, bibs, hats, bottle liners, etc. Glenn and I were able to purchase some hair bows/head wraps, a couple of bibs, some girly bath towels, 2 pink bottles, 2 blankets etc. One day Glenn (my hubby) and Tucker surprised me with a baby book for Shelby! I love it and have already filled a lot of it in and it’s packed and ready to go to the hospital so we can put Shelby’s footprints in it! Other people have been generous as well. My friend, Joy, surprised us one day with several little things for Shelby. She brought us some hair bows, head wraps, socks, and wash cloths for Shelby! Soon after that my sweet cousin Angie sent us two beautiful hand crocheted (by my mom’s cousin, Julie) hats for Shelby! They are gorgeous!

Lastly, there were a couple of things that I wanted to get for me. Glenn and I created a Target baby registry when we found out we were having a girl. No one even looked at it. BUT, God worked everything out!  This week my sweet Aunt Judy and Uncle Will sent us a $25 gift card for Babies R Us! We went right to the store because I already knew what I wanted to get—a Moby Wrap! I never used or tried a sling, wrap, or baby carrier with Tucker. I really want to try one with Shelby. The Moby was $39.99 and I had a 20% off coupon (which deducted $8) and then we used the gift card. We paid $8 for the Moby Wrap and I am very thankful and excited! One other thing I wanted (that I also did NOT have with Tucker) was a nursing cover. I found one online called an Udder Cover and it was FREE (just pay shipping). So for $14 I got a beautiful nursing cover-up and a milk band bracelet (to keep track of which side I fed on and what time) and some (reusable) nursing pads for my bra! We have decided that since we only have one crib (and it’s Tucker’s crib) that Shelby will sleep in our room in the pack ‘n play. My mom bought us a fitted sheet for the pack ‘n play this week. It matches perfectly and looks very nice as well. We already have an infant car seat, stroller, swing, and infant bath tub, so there is nothing more that this little princess needs. God has been soooo good in providing all of these things for us! I NEVER thought we’d have all of this stuff before Shelby is born! I am overwhelmed and thankful! The only thing really left to get is a little girl to wear all these clothes and use all of this stuff! Thank you, God for all you’ve done!


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