Waiting on the Princess

This Wednesday (in 2 days) I will be at 39 weeks!!! We’re getting so close! We’ve gotten so much done but yet I feel like there is still a lot left to do before the little princess arrives! Shelby has PLENTY of beautiful clothes for her first 2 years of life and I can’t WAIT to dress her up with little hats and bows! Everything (clothes, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, towels, wash cloths, etc.) is washed and hung up, folded, or put away. Her pack ‘n play (where she will sleep) is ready to go. My nursing cover up (aka “udder cover”) is washed and ironed. Her swing and bouncy seat are sanitized, fabric is washed, and new batteries are inside. I’ve got all her bags (for the hospital) packed (still working on my bag). Her car seat base is installed in the car. I’ve purchased a Moby Wrap (which I can’t wait to try!), a couple of bottles, some baby towels, wash cloths, hair bows, etc. We’re REALLY stocked up on newborn, size 1, and size 2 diapers and TONS of wipes. Shelby has bibs, burp cloths, socks, shoes, hats, headwraps, blankets, etc. There really is not much left that this child needs! The house is relatively clean. My husband and I have kept up on dishes and laundry so we’re not behind on that. Now if she can just hold off until after this week!!! 🙂

This is going to be a busy week for us! Today we had an appointment at Tucker’s doctor’s office at 2:45pm so he could get his flu shot. That went pretty well. He didn’t cry and we didn’t have to wait for the usual 1-2 hours. We stopped at Publix on the way home so I could pick up some last-minute sale items and some much-needed sugar-free ice cream. 🙂

I (along with my husband) decided today that we are going to switch pediatricians. We’ve taken Tucker to New Horizons Family Health Services since he was born. His “doctor” (she’s a nurse practitioner) Mrs. Olson is really sweet and we like her a lot and are going to miss her. Tucker’s nurse, Laura, is a sweetheart as well. We will miss those two very much but what we WON’T miss is the 30 minute drive to get there, the 2 hour wait in a nasty and very hot building (which is in the ghetto and next to a mental health clinic), and being surrounded by all ages and types (this place takes walk-ins from homeless people, does free HIV testing, etc.) Every time we go I feel like I’m the only one there that can speak English. :/ The waiting room is so nasty that we won’t let Tucker get down on the floor. Since this practice treats people of ALL ages there is NO area for kids, no toys, no kiddy chairs, no kid’s TV or anything. I’m not exactly sure how we even ended up going to this doctor’s office. When I was in the hospital after giving birth to Tucker one of the nurses asked me who Tucker’s pediatrician was. My response– “I don’t know! We don’t have one.” So whatever pediatrician that was at the hospital at the time (his name was Dr. Johnson)  was the one that checked Tucker out (and did his “little boy procedure”). The nurses told me before I left the hospital that I had to write down a doctor for Tucker because they had to have somewhere to send all of his paperwork and information so we could follow-up with them. I was limited because of our insurance so I basically just “picked one off of the list.” Some friends of ours said they took their son to New Horizons and that Mrs. Olson was really good. So we took their recommendation and went with it. However, after 16 months of taking our son there, we have decided that it is time for a change. So I called Pediatric Associates- Greer today. Surprise #1- a PERSON answered the phone! And she was friendly and knowledgable! If you call New Horizons all you get is a huge recording and a long list of extensions (so inconvenient). Second good thing is that they take our insurance. Woohoo! Third – they are taking new patients. Fourth- when I asked if we could schedule a free prenatal interview she said “Sure, can you come at 2:25pm tomorrow?” Wow! So we’re going to meet one of their doctor’s tomorrow. Fifth- their doctors come to Greer Memorial Hospital (where I’m going to deliver Shelby) to see and check on their new babies! Last (but not least)- this place is only 15 minutes from our house instead of 30 minutes. Oh, and one more thing–they are building a new building and will eventually move to the Greer Memorial campus— right next to the hospital (which we LOVE) and our OB (Greer OB/GYN)–which is only 10-15 minutes from our house. So I’m excited to be switching doctors and hoping that the interview goes well tomorrow. I feel sad leaving the people at NHFHS, but it’s time for us so to move on. I’m very optimistic about Pediatrics Associates Greer. I’m glad it’s ONLY a pediatrician and that they DON’T take walk-ins (although you’re welcome to call for same day sick visits). Hopefully they will have nice, knowledgable doctors, and possibly a nice waiting room and maybe a few toys since it’s for kids!

So, tomorrow (Tuesday) is our prenatal interview at the NEW pediatrician! On Wednesday this week I have my 39 week OB appointment with Dr. Harris at 3:00pm. I’m really hoping that she can check me (no one has checked me yet) and I’ve made some progress. I’ve been having more and more contractions every day. Last Wednesday we had an ultrasound (to get an “estimate” of how big Shelby is since I have Gestational Diabetes). The ultrasound tech told us that Shelby was about 7 pounds and 2 oz. (give or take 1 pound). So that’s GOOD news! I’ve been quite faithful with my diabetes diet since the day I found out that I had this temporary disease. My blood sugar numbers have been PERFECT and I’ve lost about 11 pounds! My husband has been on the diet with me and has already lost about 30 pounds! I am so proud of us! I’m hoping that we can STAY on our diet AFTER Shelby gets here. Of course, I want to splurge just a couple of times. I can’t tell you HOW much I miss mushroom pizza, sushi, and frozen coffee drinks! But I’m doing what’s right for our daughter!

Thursday this week should be an “easy” day because that’s the ONE day this week that we DON’T have an appointment. Maybe I shall do more cleaning on that day. I spent a long time last night cleaning the master bathroom, but there is still more to be done around the house!

On Friday Tucker has a Pediatric Ophthalmology appointment concerning his lazy eye. (I don’t think I’ve posted a blog about that, but I did post a note on Facebook about it). We’ve been doing “patch therapy” for one hour every night for almost two months. We’ve done quite well and have only missed two days. We’ll see what the doctor has to say on Friday.

Then Saturday is something fun! A local consignment shop called “Trunk Treasures” is having their fall half-price sale! September 18 they had their half-price kids clothing sale and my sweet mother spend over $100 on BEAUTIFUL nearly new/name brand clothes for Shelby and Tucker. This Saturday is their sale on adult clothing and children’s equipment, toys, and books! Can’t WAIT! The doors open at 9am and that’s when I plan on being there!

So, after all of that is finished, Shelby is welcome to arrive! Her due date is Wednesday, October 13th. I’m praying that she gets here on Oct. 10 or 11. Wouldn’t 10/10/10 be a cool birthday?? I’m hoping she comes on a day after my husband has the night off from work. I want him to be wide awake for this momentous event! lol. I’m soooo glad that we have enough money in our savings account for my husband to take 2-3 weeks off of work to be home at night and help with feedings etc. I plan on breastfeeding Shelby for an entire year, but I like to pump sometimes so I can have a break and so my husband can get a chance to feed the baby. My husband looks so cute when he burps babies. I LOVED watching him burp Tucker and I can’t WAIT to see him burp our little girl. hehe. 😉

Oh, and I can’t BELIEVE that our precious little son is 16 months old today! He is a sweetheart and such a blessing from God. I’m so proud of him. He started walking last month and it’s just the cutest thing! I’m also proud of him for not crying today when he got his flu shot. He is going to be such a wonderful big brother!


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