Pregnancy Update

Yesterday we had our 32 week OB appointment. It was the best appointment that I’ve had this entire pregnancy!  The doctor I had yesterday is probably my favorite of the 4 at our practice. First of all I showed him my food journal and blood sugar numbers from the past week. He said my numbers were excellent and he seemed quite impressed. I told him that we have changed our eating habits drastically. Ever since I found out that I had Gestational Diabetes my husband and I have switched to 100% whole wheat bread and pasta and whole grains. We don’t eat sugary food and if we need (or mostly I need) some ice cream we only eat the no sugar added (only sweetened with Splenda). If we “need” a soda we go to Publix and get the Diet, Caffeine Free, (with Splenda) soda. Anyways, after my doctor looked at my chart he nearly yelled “Woah!” I said, “What?” His reply: “You lost weight!!” I lost almost 5 pounds. I told my doctor, “I told you we’ve changed our eating habits and we’ve started walking a little bit every day.” He was very impressed and said he had no problem with me losing a little weight as long as I’m eating healthy and my blood sugar numbers are fine. Yay!

Then, I asked the doctor if he would take a look at my birth plan to make sure it was ok and not “against hospital policy” or anything like that. He sat down and read the whole thing. There were only 2 changes he made to the entire plan. He said that since I’m going for a VBAC that I will need to be monitored constantly BUT they have remote/wireless monitoring so that I can still walk around. I’m fine with that. He also said that taking pictures of the birth is fine but they don’t allow videotaping. I’m ok with that too. We didn’t get a video of my son being born, so I’m not too upset about that. My doctor signed my birth plan, dated it, and had me take it to the front desk to have it scanned into my file. He said the other doctors would be perfectly fine with everything I’ve requested and he even praised my birth plan. He said everything made sense and he was fine with it all! He even said that he loved that I wanted to see the placenta! He said he always tries to show the new moms and they never want to see it. Both him and I agreed that it is amazing and that it’s what helps keep your baby alive, so why not see this little “miracle organ?”

The doctor also measured my belly and said that I am measuring perfectly! A couple of weeks ago I was measuring a little big (by a couple of centimeters).

Needless to say, I left the OB with a smile on my face instead of tears in my eyes. The doctor never tried to talk me into a repeat c-section or tried to scare me with “your baby might be too big to fit in your pelvis” crud.

Today we are going to a local community college to have a free hour-long ultrasound done! It’s to help their students learn to scan. We are very excited about seeing our little girl. God is good and what He does is good!


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