Peanut Butter Comparison

 Getting used to this new diabetic diet has been challenging yet fun. I have learned some new things…such as DON’T buy the “reduced fat” peanut butter. My doctor and dietician both agreed. While it may sound good to have less fat, it’s not. It’s taking out the good fat and putting in more sugar/carbs (which cause your blood sugar to rise). Anyways, I have 3 different jars of peanut butter that I want to compare for you just for fun. I was shocked when I read the labels. Needless to say, I’ll be returning the reduced fat peanut butter to the store. Here is a breakdown of the Fat, Sodium, and CARBOHYDRATES in each. Keep in mind this is per serving. One serving is 2 TBSP (or basically just enough to cover one large piece of bread; I measured it!)

Fat per serving-

 Jif Reduced Fat: 12 grams

Jif: 16 grams

Peter Pan Whipped: 12 grams

Sodium per serving- 

Jif Reduced Fat: 250 mg

Jif: 150 mg

Peter Pan Whipped: 105 mg

CARBS per serving-

Jif Reduced Fat: 15 grams

Jif: 7 grams

Peter Pan Whipped: 5 grams

 As you can see the Peter Pan Whipped is the best for you (it also has 40 less calories than the 2 Jifs). It is also VERY easy to spread (it doesn’t rip your bread) and it tastes good as well. Obviously, there are other peanut butters that are even better for you. I’ve heard that Skippy Natural is good and of course there is natural peanut butter (the kind with the peanut oil on top) that you have to mix. Hope this was helpful or at least slightly interesting to you! 🙂


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