“I was robbed of the chance to give birth”

I found this woman’s story on www.theunnecesarean.com. It is EXACTLY how I feel so I wanted to post it for you. It’s good to know (although sad too) that there are other women out there that feel what I feel.

Sixteen weeks ago I failed to give birth. I use that word quite deliberately, failed, because that is what I feel happened. I didn’t have a medical emergency that required intervention, my life, and the life of my baby weren’t in danger, I just wasn’t in labour. My caregivers were either unwilling or unable to support a wait and see approach so despite there being no medical need, I was given an induction which ultimately ended in a C-section.

I sit here, several months on and my anger is still undiminished that I was robbed of the chance to give birth. That one act, which so fundamentally defines you as a woman, which on a primeval and visceral level tells you that you ‘work’ robbed from me because of a lack of patience.

Before I even left the hospital I knew things would be different next time, I knew that I wouldn’t allow ego to deprive me of something so fundamental to my self-esteem, my womanhood, me. VBAC is a right, but more than that it is a sense of hope. The feeling of being cut open to save your baby from the failings of your body to operate to a modern timetable is a terrible one, and an un necessary one. VBAC is something that those of us who have gone through such an experience cling to, as a way of reclaiming our bodies and our birth experiences.

It is not important to rationalise why the birth experience is such a fundamental part of being a woman, the point is, it just is. Modern medicine is so ready to strip away anything seen as unnecessary, but it cannot strip away that fact. The sooner that message starts to get through, the better off we’ll all be!


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