Our Baby Names: The Official Story

When my husband and I chose our baby’s names we wanted them to be unique, but not trendy. We also wanted something easy to spell and not some kind of posh, cutesy, or weird spelling of a common name. We also refused to name our babies with a common name (i.e. Bob) so that when we yell their name in the store we don’t have 50 different kids running to us. haha. At the same time we didn’t want either name to be in the top 100 baby names of the previous years. We also aren’t sentimental about names so we did NOT feel the need to name them after a family member or ourselves. We think that’s silly (and we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if we didn’t pick their name so we decided to avoid it altogether). *(Of course, I wouldn’t judge someone else if that’s what they wanted to do.) Also, we think it’s absolutely silly (in our opinions) to have a junior or a third. My husband is a Jr. We absolutely refused to name our son Russell Glenn Allison III. However, we both agreed on one tradition. My husband goes by his middle name. His father goes by his first name (which is good that they don’t go by the same name like my dad and his dad do). So, we decided that all of our kids are going to go by their middle names just to keep the tradition of their daddy (and to confuse the rest of the world. haha. just kidding).

We chose Ethan Tucker for our son long before he was even conceived. We (my hubby and I) were tossing around baby names one day at work (even before we were dating) and we just threw that name out there and said we liked it. I wasn’t crazy about Ethan because I know several of them and it’s too common (number 2 on the top 100). But Glenn liked Ethan and we agreed that it sounded adorable with Tucker and it would be acceptable since he would be going by “Tucker.” We laugh when we think that his initials are ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival, lol). By the way, his ETA was not correct and he arrived late. 🙂 Tucker is not on the top 100 baby names at all for the past few years. YAY!

My husband and I also picked out our baby girl’s name at the same time we picked out Ethan Tucker. We had 2 names ready to go just in case we ended up together. haha. God knows best! We chose Peyton Shelby for our girl name. We liked Peyton, but it’s too common for us (number 20 on the top 100) so that is why it’s her first name. Also, Peyton can be a girl’s name OR a boy’s name and we wanted our girl name (Shelby) to be OBVIOUSLY a girl name and our boy name (Tucker) to be OBVIOUSLY a boy name. We can’t stand those gender neutral names. Our baby girl will go by “Shelby,” which is also NOT on the top 100 list (see previous post for the full list). We laugh when we think that her initials are PSA (Public Service Announcement).

Before we knew if we were having a girl or boy we went ahead and picked out a boy name so we’d have both ready to go. We think it’s horrible to wait until the LAST minute to name a baby. We even know people who have had their baby and don’t even decide on a name until the baby was several days old!!! Poor little baby with no name! I can’t disclose our other boy name, JUST IN CASE we have another little boy SOMEDAY! (NOT ANYTIME SOON!) However, I can tell you that it is an adorable name and his initials would be CPA (Certified Public Accountant, lol).


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