VBAC is Safe: Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise

I wanted to post this INCREDIBLE article written by a midwife entitled, “A Butcher’s Dozen.” Please take the time to read it. Since it is a little long I am simply posting the link instead of copying the entire article. Here is just a little sample of the article to get you interested. 🙂

VBAC. A victory and a relief for most of the women who have one. A deep and generous healing for many of them. And still, very much a sham, because most of the women never really needed to be cut in the first place, so they didn’t really need to be VBACs after all. In that respect the whole concept of VBAC is actually, unfortunately, pathetic. In this country the subject of whether or not VBAC is “safe” is also subject to the obstetrical fashion of the hour.


(side note: I don’t condone every single thing she says, but overall it’s a great article!)


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