My First Pregnancy

me at 40 weeks with our son

My first pregnancy was quite an experience. I don’t remember all the details (thank you, mommy brain) but I do remember that I was in the hospital a LOT. I remember that in January of 09  I was in the hospital about 7 times. I had frequent migraines which sent me to the ER for some relief usually in the form of Demerol. I also had a bad infection (which I won’t go into details) but it was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. I also got a UTI which turned into a kidney infection and that landed me in the hospital for several days. That was no fun either. Then toward the end of my pregnancy we discovered that our son had heart arrhythmias. We had about 30 ultrasounds during the pregnancy and LOTS of fetal monitoring (aka non-stress tests). We were referred to a high risk OB and they determined that our baby had PAC (premature atrial contractions). Thankfully, no special treatment is needed and his heart fixed itself once he was born. But boy did it scare us! I’m so glad we have a loving and caring God who is the Great Physician that we can lean on! I was sick during the entire 9 month pregnancy and I threw up on a regular basis. I took Phenergan and Zofran to help with the nausea. Also I was on Protonix for major heartburn. Other than the things I mentioned there were no major complications during my pregnancy for which my husband and I are quite thankful.


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