A Little Background

our wedding day

I wanted to share a little of my background with you. I met my wonderful husband-to-be on May 16, 2008. We both worked at the same place and we met while on the job. I introduced myself to him because I noticed he was new and he had a very attractive and deep “radio voice” that I thought was totally cool. 🙂 Little did we know that we were meant to be together and that 3 months later we would be expecting a little baby. Although I do NOT recommend doing things the way we did or as quickly as we did I am still happy at the way God has worked in our lives.

So I married the man of my dreams on April 18, 2009. Our little son arrived on June 4, 2009. So much happened in a year and it was a bit overwhelming. My husband and I met in May 08, he moved in with me in July 08, we got pregnant in August 08, we started dating in December 08, we got engaged in January 09, we got married in April 09, and we had our first child in June 09. WHEW! I definitely recommend doing things God’s way and waiting til marriage for sex and children. God knows that planning a wedding while 6-8 months pregnant is quite stressful and exhausting. (Not to mention that throwing up on your honeymoon is no fun either!). However, my husband and I have asked God (and our church) for forgiveness and we have moved on and we are more happy now and closer to God now than we have ever been.

Ok. So you’re probably wondering why the name of this blog is “The Journey: Before and After Childbirth.” Well I plan on sharing my birth story with you and our plans for our second birth. I plan on posting articles and links to articles that I find helpful. I have experienced a c-section (which was very traumatic) and PPD (Post Partum Depression) and I want to share from my heart how I have dealt with both of these. I would like to hear from any of you if you have experienced the same things or have any KIND advice to share. 🙂 I hope this blog is an eye-opener and also an encouragement when it comes to the “joys” of pregnancy and childbirth.


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